Working Willfully With Workflows [May 2018 Series]



Working Willfully with Workflows: Whiteboarding

Part 1 - Conceptualizing & Whiteboarding
Before diving into the tool of Workflows itself, it's important to know what your processes actually are. In this session we'll get you in the right mindset for laying out your roadmap, giving you the right questions to ask yourself and whiteboarding several workflows to be used later on. 

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Working Willfully with Workflows: Building

Part 2 - Building Workflows in Redtail CRM
Once we have a good idea of how we want our processes to go, we can then building them out in our Redtail CRM. This session goes over the actual functionality of building Workflow templates for repeated use in the future, allowing for a consistent experience every time.


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Working Willfully with Workflows: Applying

Part 3 - Live Application of Workflows
Now that our Workflow templates are built, it's time to take them live! Workflows can be utilized in several aspects, from existing templates, to building active workflows from scratch. They can also be attached to not just contacts, but also seminars, opportunities, or nothing at all!

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Working Willfully with Workflows: Enhancing

Part 4 - Using Automations & Workflows Together 

Wrapping up our series, we'll dive into some of the other complimentary tools for Workflows, particularly with Automations. Using Automations, users can build custom triggers to automatically attach workflows templates in a 'If this, then that' scenario.

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