Tough Break - How To Handle Employee Departure [32:03]


Sometimes it’s a scheduled departure; sometimes it’s abrupt. Whatever the situation, it’s necessary to get items reassigned from the employee who left to whoever plans to take over the role assignments. Find out why it’s important to think ahead before you run into an emergency situation.

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Click the link below for more information on each of the features covered in the video:

02:41 - Manage Your Account

03:10 - Manage Database Users & Teams

05:21 - Change Redtail CRM Password

06:31 - Reassigning Activities to a different Database User

11:19 - Terminate An Employee’s Access to Database

13:38 - Search

13:48 - Memberships

16:10 - Manage Database List

17:14 - Restore Contact/Access Recycle Bin

17:30 - Workflows

21:29 - Working Willfully with Workflows (Workflow Templates included)

22:38 - Set Up Workflow Templates

24:45 - Assigning/Reassigning Workflows to Teams


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