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Morningstar Office Cloud

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Investment Research

Risk Analysis

Account Feed

Integration Spotlight:

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Setting up the integration:

To take advantage of any of the integration points available, an admin user of your Redtail CRM must enable the Morningstar integration within your database. To enable, go to Manage Your Integrations from your Top Right Menu Bar: 


On the resulting page, scroll through our alphabetical list of integration partners until you see Morningstar and click inside the On/Off toggle to enable the integration: 


Your database users can then take advantage of the integration features available to all Tailwag users.

To utilize all of the features available to you specifically as a Morningstar Office Cloud subscriber, you'll have additional settings to update. To do so:

  1.  In Morningstar Office Cloud, from the Menu, select Integrations:
  2. The Integrations page opens with Available Integrations selected in the navigation pane:
  3. Click Allow Access in the Redtail area.
  4. Sign in to your Redtail account and accept the Terms of Use.
  5. On your Integrations page in Morningstar Office Cloud, if you go to the Redtail area you'll now see an Access Code (blurred in the example below):
  6. Copy this code and go back into Redtail CRM to the Morningstar widget under Manage Your Integrations. Click Settings:
  7. You'll then see the below:
  8. After clicking inside the "Select one..." box, you'll see two options. Select "Morningstar Office" and you'll see the below:
  9. Enter your email address and the Access Code you copied from Morningstar Office Cloud. Then click Save. The Morningstar Office Cloud integration features will then be enabled.

Integration functionality:

Note: These new features of the integration are only available to Redtail CRM users who upgrade to Project Tailwag. Additionally, those tools only available to Morningstar Office subscribers will be available to all new Tailwag trial users for a period of 30 days.


Without leaving the Redtail platform, Redtail subscribers may view:

  • Morningstar Security HTML reports: The Morningstar Report for mutual funds, stocks, closed-end funds and exchange-traded funds presents proprietary Morningstar data and in-depth investment research in a clear, tabular format.
  • Morningstar Market Monitoring Tools, including the Morningstar Market BarometerSM, Sector Delta graphics, Fair Value Chart and Morningstar news content.

    These are accessible by clicking your Integrations Menu within Redtail and then selecting Morningstar. You'd then see the below:

    If you then click "Market Tools", these interactive tools will appear before you within Redtail:



Redtail subscribers who license Morningstar Office have access to some additional integration points, including:

  • Morningstar Security Investment Detail™ PDF reports: Investment Detail reports for mutual funds, closed-end funds, exchange-traded funds and stocks.
  • Analyst Research within the Morningstar Report
  • Portfolio-level reports: Including Portfolio Snapshot™, Portfolio X-Ray® and Stock IntersectionSM

    These are accessible when within the Accounts section for one of your clients in Redtail. To access, you can click "Account Options" on their Accounts page, or you can click the Actions menu for an individual account, followed by selecting the report you want to view:


    This will then pull the information from Morningstar into a PDF, provided the account in question has a Symbol entered for it within Redtail.

How to Manage the Integration

Redtail subscribers who license Morningstar Office also have the ability to push Morningstar Office data into Redtail, pull contact data from Redtail into Morningstar Office and to turn on a nightly feed of Morningstar Office positional data into Redtail. After setting up the Redtail integration for Morningstar Office Cloud users, within Morningstar Office Cloud go to your Integrations page to the Redtail section and click the "Add client info from Redtail" toggle to pull Redtail contact information into Morningstar Office in real time:


You can also enable a nightly push of Morningstar Office Cloud positional data into Redtail CRM. To do so, from the same area, click the "Send Positional Data to Redtail" toggle to turn it on:


After you’ve completed this step, Morningstar will send us an email to notify us, at which point we will initiate the feed on the Redtail side as well.

Morningstar Office resources:

Morningstar Office Cloud Website 

If you are an existing Morningstar user and need support, Morningstar can be reached at 866.215.2503 or

Find out how Morningstar can help your firm: Call +1 800 886-9324 or Email:

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