Permeating Permissions [21:12]


Redtail is all about love but oftentimes an office will have restrictions for who on the team should access a record.

Add virtual walls to separate client records with team or user based Permissions! Find out the complimentary fields to complete this process quickly, other permission options like Opportunities, and available reports to check your work!

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Click the link below for more information on each of the features covered in the video:

00:40 - Recently Viewed Contacts

01:01 - Contact Overview

01:22 - Contact Overview - Permissions/Roles

04:51 - Advanced Search

05:32 - Advanced Search - Bulk Actions

07:29 - Permission Notes

09:18 - Contact Overview - Notes

10:06 - Activity Privacy Options

12:15 - Opportunity Tracker

12:20 - Opportunity Permissions

13:52 - Reports

14:02 - Permission Reports

16:33 - Quick Add

18:00 - Automations


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