Duplication Obliteration [35:55]


Cleaning up duplicates is ALWAYS going to be your first step in a data cleanup process! Although it’s tempting to delete a record that appears twice, disposing of information within a duplicate can lead to compliance risk!

Instead, use Redtail’s duplicates report as the best solution to get rid of multiples! It’s a process to complete at CRM setup and it’s a suggested process to complete annually or bi-annually!

Follow how, why, and how often to it’s suggested to clean up duplicates.

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Click the link below for more information on each of the features covered in the video:

00:55 - Reports

01:12 - Contacts by Duplicate Names

03:32 - Advanced Search

03:57 - Contact Overview

04:42 - Advanced Search - Bulk Actions

04:53 - Combine Contacts

17:39 - Recycle Bin

23:35 - Quick Add

25:44 - Repeating Activities

29:46 - Calendar

32:25 - Contact Overview - Family


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    Hayley Mandrup

    Hi Bonnie,
    The webinars will be posted within a week after they are aired live. This webinar was live last Thursday and available today. Thanks!

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