Get a Clear Snap of Your Clients with Panoramix [19:07]


Are you looking for a clean, instant snapshot that lets you focus on serving clients more efficiently? Panoramix is here as the one truly integrated dashboard software you’ve been asking for.

The primary benefits from Panoramix™ are both in terms of more effective time management, and increased business. Panoramix™ is a division of Sapphire Software Services, Inc., a technology development company that specializes in business to business automation with its core strength in the financial services industry. Their clients are wealth space firms, business leaders and technology managers who require deep technical expertise and a demonstrated ability to develop high-quality, custom applications that achieve specific business goals.

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Watch this recorded session to learn all about the value that Panoramix can bring to your practice and the power that it can provide to your serving your clients and giving them an exceptional customer experience day in and day out.

Find out more about the integration with Redtail HERE.

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Does something in the video look different than your screen? Redtail's Development team is continually releasing updates to the Tailwag CRM. See this post for the most up to date descriptions of new features and recent issue fixes. For recorded videos that overview CRM system updates, click here


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