Integration Name:


Integration Type:

Billing Software

Setting up the integration:

You can sync client addresses in BillFin for invoicing purposes. Click ADD on the right:


You would then have the option to click “here” to add one (an invoice recipient): 


You will then have the option to enter in a recipient code which you get from Redtail. The code is obtained from the address bar when you're in that contact's record in Redtail. You can see below that the code is the numerical value in that URL after "contacts/" and before the "?": 


Now, back to BillFin where you can enter that code and then click Redtail CRM: 


If the client is brand new to BillFin you won't see a sync option, but if it is a client that may just be out of date you can click SYNC and update the info. Then Save at the bottom and you're done: 


Integration functionality: 

Pull essential client information over from Redtail into your BillFin account for invoicing.

BillFin resources:

BillFin Website

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