Smart RIA

Integration Name:

Smart RIA

Integration Type:

Compliance Management

Setting up the integration:

Log in to your Smart RIA account. Click the circle with your initials in the upper right corner and click Settings:

On the resulting page, click "Edit Redtail Settings":

Then, enter your Redtail credentials:

After entering your credentials, you should see a modal similar to the below (but populated with your Redtail CRM Contact Statuses for selection):

Place checks next to the Statuses of those contacts you'd like to pull into your Smart RIA account and click "Save Redtail Settings."

Integration functionality:

You can pull your contact data from Redtail into Smart RIA. Below is the data that you can pull into Smart RIA:

Client information:
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Redtail ID
Links to family members if different clients

Redtail ID
Date created
Note Description

Date occurred
Activity Subject and Description

Account Number
Current Value
Account Type
Date added to Redtail

Smart RIA resources:

Smart RIA website 

Smart RIA demo

Smart RIA blog

Smart RIA contact info

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