Smart RIA

Integration Name:

Smart RIA

Integration Type:

Compliance Management

Setting up the integration:

Log in to your Smart RIA account. Click the circle with your initials in the upper right corner and click Settings:

On the resulting page, click "Edit Redtail Settings":

Then, enter your Redtail credentials:

After entering your credentials, you should see a modal similar to the below (but populated with your Redtail CRM Contact Statuses for selection):

Place checks next to the Statuses of those contacts you'd like to pull into your Smart RIA account and click "Save Redtail Settings."

Integration functionality:

You can pull your contact data from Redtail into Smart RIA. Below is the data that you can pull into Smart RIA:

Client information:
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number
Redtail ID
Links to family members if different clients

Redtail ID
Date created
Note Description

Date occurred
Activity Subject and Description


Smart RIA resources:

Smart RIA website 

Smart RIA demo

Smart RIA contact info


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