Integration Name:


Integration Type:

Risk Analysis

Setting up the integration:

After establishing an account with HiddenLevers, you can let them know you would like the integration with Redtail enabled. After HiddenLevers has confirmed this is done on their end, you can go into your HiddenLevers account to the Integrations section. Click Redtail:

On the resulting modal, enter your Redtail credentials and then click "Activate":

Integration functionality:

After Activation as described above, all Portfolios attached to clients and households in Redtail CRM will be synced over into your HiddenLevers account. This sync then automatically refreshes each and every night, allowing you to then work with your Redtail clients and portfolios within HiddenLevers. Data included in the sync:

Client Name
Account Number
Account Name
Account Symbol

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HiddenLevers resources:

HiddenLevers Website

HiddenLevers Knowledge Base

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