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While all of the links you'll find below were already available to you via our Helpdesk, we wanted to streamline the process of holiday outreach for you by making all related materials easily accessible from one central Holiday Resources page. So, that's what you'll find here! Voila!

How can you use Redtail CRM to assist with targeted points-of-contact with your clients and prospects during this holiday season? We'll break it down below.

Pre-holiday campaign planning

  • Client Segmentation - You may want to send physical mailings to a certain group of contacts while sending email to another. Or, you may want to create a social holiday campaign. Redtail makes it easy to segment your contacts so that you can pinpoint which of your contacts are targeted with a specific holiday outreach effort.
    If you haven't already done so, you can go ahead and begin creating Quicklists or Tag Groups of the various contact groups that you intend to reach out to this holiday season. You might also watch this recorded webinar which goes into detail about how you can use Status, Category, UDFs, etc., to segment your contacts within Redtail. Once you have your groups segmented in one of these manners, you'll be ready to go in terms of lists for putting together your mailings, etc.

  • Content Calendar - this doesn't have to be anything fancy, but if you don't map out the important dates and team members responsible for taking care of your holiday cards, letters, emails, etc., your clients may receive your Christmas card as they're getting ready to go out for New Year's Eve. That's not going to help them ring in the new year with positive thoughts of your business. 
    While you can find lots of resources out there about creating content calendars, MailChimp has good information here as does Advisor Websites here. Bonus: beginning to use a content calendar during the holiday season may inspire you to begin using one year round, which can lead to greater opportunities for meaningful contact with your clients and prospects.

  • Gifts - if there are some clients that you want to give gifts to, you might appreciate some of the gift-giving suggestions here, here and here. Try to think outside of the box in terms of client gifting. As with client segmentation for purposes of determining appropriate holiday messages for delivery, Redtail CRM can also be invaluable as a trove of information for inspiring creative gift ideas. Since you are regulated in terms of the dollar amount you can spend on client gifting, not to mention the fact that it can often be difficult to generate gift ideas for HNWIs, the more information you track about your clients, the more clues you have as to what might be appropriate and thoughtful gifts for them. What is their favorite beverage, or sports team, or color, or local business/dining establishment? You want your gifts to be personal and you want them to make an impression because of their thoughtfulness. Your CRM, used to its fullest, allows you to be thoughtful on an individual level when it comes to gift giving.

Redtail CRM tools:

Mail Merge

You can create your own holiday message templates within Microsoft Word and upload those to merge with your contact records. Instructions for doing so are here (or for Mac users here). After uploading your template(s), you can then merge them with contacts individually or in bulk. And, you can also merge labels or envelopes from within your CRM.

Custom Exports

If you want to include fields in your merge template that are not on Redtail's list of available mail merge fields, you would need to create a Custom Export that includes those desired fields, export your desired contacts and run the merge within Microsoft Word itself. Instructions for accomplishing this can be found here.

Broadcast Email

You can create and send holiday greetings via email to your selected contacts from within Redtail CRM, using our Broadcast Email functionality. Instructions are here

Workflows and Calendar

Don't overlook their importance in your holiday planning and outreach. Hopefully you've built out your Content Calendar, as mentioned above. Workflows and/or Calendar Activities can ensure that those responsible for meeting your holiday outreach do so in a timely fashion. 


Integration partner tools:

Constant Contact

If you have a Constant Contact account, Redtail allows you to send contact data tailored for their service either individually or in bulk to whichever of your Constant Contact lists you designate during the send process. You can then send emails to those contacts or set up automated email campaigns. Learn more here.

FMeX (Financial Media Exchange)

If you are an FMeX subscriber, you can sync your Redtail contact data over to their platform and then reach out to your clients and prospects via custom branded emails, e-newsletters and social posts using FMeX's extensive, licensed library of articles from established financial publishers. Learn more here.

FMG Suite

If you have an FMG Suite account, Redtail allows you to sync contact data to their platform and take advantage of their automated campaigns, including email, social media, video, birthday and holiday campaigns. Learn more here.


If you have a MailChimp account, Redtail allows you to send contact data tailored for their service either individually or in bulk to whichever of your MailChimp lists you designate during the send process.You can then send emails to those contacts or set up automated email campaigns. Learn more here


If you are a MarketingPro subscriber, you can easily push any of their holiday templates over to your CRM in order to merge them in bulk with your selected contacts. Instructions are here.

Marketing on Demand (Range)

If you have a Marketing on Demand account, Redtail allows you to import contact data from Redtail into their platform and then use their email, print and social functionalities. Learn more here.


If you have an account with SendOutCards, Redtail makes it easy to prepare an export of contacts tailored to their system which you can then import into your SendOutCards account. Learn more here.

Finally, if you have an account with, you can also handle all of your official US postage needs for all those mailings you'll be sending from the desk in your office. From your Advanced Search page, you can select the Export from the Exports menu to prepare the contact files with which you'll be working. 

Need assistance?

If we can be of any assistance at all, please shoot us an email at or call us at 800.206.5030. We'll be glad to help!

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