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Integration Type:

Document Storage

Setting up the integration:

In order to set up the integration, you'll need to enable the ReadyDoc integration within your database. Instructions for enabling integrations can be found here. Note, ReadyDoc is only available in Windows-based environments. 

Integration functionality:

Using ReadyDoc client applications with the Redtail Integration option, documents can be captured into ReadyDoc from within the familiar confines of Redtail CRM, and key client meta data can automatically be associated with documents in ReadyDoc. Likewise, searches for client documents in ReadyDoc can be invoked from Redtail CRM, based on the currently viewed client contact record.

For instructions on installing the ReadyDoc Client Applications, please refer to:

  • Capturing Documents
    After install of the ReadyDoc Client Applications with the Redtail Integration option, while viewing a contact in Redtail CRM, click the integrations option:

    Then click to select the ReadyDoc Integration: 

    Then select Capture to ReadyDoc:

    The ReadyDoc capture application known as ReadyCapture will be launched:

    After a few moments the ReadyCapture window will be displayed with meta-data from the Redtail contact pre-filled. Note that the fields to be pulled from Redtail are configurable as are many ReadyDoc options:

    You can now scan or import one or more documents into ReadyCapture, then click Send All Documents:

    When the documents have been saved to ReadyDoc, click the “X” in the upper right to close ReadyCapture:

    Searching for Documents
    Just as when capturing a document to ReadyDoc, from within Redtail CRM access the ReadyDoc integration option and select Search ReadyDoc:

    A Search will be launched to the ReadyDoc cloud application based on the currently viewed client information:

    Then, the Search results will be displayed:

    Double-clicking on a document in the list will display the document from the ReadyDoc cloud application. You can also right click on a document in the list and select the option to open the containing folder in ReadyDoc:

    Example Document Display:

ReadyDoc resources:

ReadyDoc website

If you are looking for other Document Storage systems, click here!


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