Deluxe Branded Marketing

Integration Name:

Deluxe Branded Marketing 

Integration Type:

Marketing Tools

Setting up the integration:

To establish your integration with Deluxe, within Deluxe click "Profile" from your left navigation menu. Then, click "Redtail CRM" under Available CRM Connections and enter your Redtail Username and Password on the resulting modal and then click "Update":


After your credentials have been authenticated, you can then click "My Contacts" within Deluxe and then click "Redtail CRM":


You can then search for specific Tag Groups you've set up in Redtail from within Deluxe:


Click "Import Contacts" to bring those contacts over into your Deluxe account.


Integration functionality:

1. Import Tag Groups of contacts from Redtail into Deluxe.


Deluxe resources:



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