PrairieSmarts (Covisum)

Integration Name:


Integration Type:

Risk Analysis

Setting up the integration:

Setup is handled entirely from within your PrairieSmarts SmartRisk Pro account. When logged into SmartRisk Pro, click the "Add" button in the bottom left-hand corner of the page. Then, click the Redtail button:

You'll then be prompted to enter your Redtail username and password. You shouldn't need to enter your Redtail credentials again after this initial login.

Integration functionality:

After your initial setup above, going forward when you select Redtail from within SmartRisk Pro, you can follow onscreen prompts to select clients from your Redtail database to import into your SmartRisk Pro account.

PrairieSmarts resources:

PrairieSmarts (Covisum) Website 

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