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Setting up the integration:

To establish your integration with FMG Suite, click the FMG Suite option accessible from your Integrations menu in Redtail. You'll then see the below modal:



Click "Single Sign On" and you'll see the below:


Just enter your FMG Suite credentials and click "Login." After this initial login, going forward you'll automatically be signed into FMG Suite when clicking that Single Sign On option from Redtail, i.e., you will not have to enter your credentials again.

From your FMG Suite dashboard, on the left navigation bar, click “Email” under the “Setup” option, and then “Contacts”:

On the resulting page, click on the gear icon and select “Redtail CRM Sync”:

You’ll be prompted to log into your Redtail account to authenticate (if you began this process from the FMG Suite side, rather than after Single Sign-On from Tailwag). FMG Suite doesn't store your Redtail username or password and you will not be required to connect to Redtail every time you log into your dashboard. This one-time authentication process allows them to sync your FMG dashboard with Redtail. Once connected, you can sync your contacts (either All Contacts/Groups or Just Specific Groups):

During the syncing process, all of your contacts in your FMG Suite dashboard will be replaced with your Redtail contacts lists. Your FMG Suite contacts will be overwritten, so make sure all of your FMG Suite contacts are also in your Redtail account before syncing.

Once your contacts are synced, you can update on-demand only when you want to, or select the option to automatically update your contacts list on a daily basis. Remember, any changes to a contact’s information can only be made within your Redtail account.

FMG Suite has a video up to assist you with the above steps here.

Integration functionality:

1. SSO from CRM to FMG.

2. FMG pulls contact or contacts via Tag Groups from Redtail, which includes the following information from Redtail CRM:

  • First and last name
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Birthday
  • Client anniversary
  • Email status

3. FMG posts new leads from Website to Redtail.

On your FMG Suite website, all form submissions (including newsletter signup, event registration, and, eventually, contact submissions) will automatically add the contact into your FMG Suite contacts and push a note to your Redtail Tailwag account.

If the contact is new to Redtail, the contact will be added and a description of the lead source will be added to the contact record. If the contact is not new to Redtail, the FMG Suite system will send a description of the lead source and add to the “Notes” section of the contact’s record.

FMG Suite resources:

FMG Suite Website


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