FMeX (Financial Media Exchange)

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FMeX (Financial Media Exchange) 

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Marketing Tools

Setting up the integration:

To establish your integration with FMeX, click the Financial Media Exchange option accessible from your Integrations menu in Redtail. You'll then see the below modal: 


First, note the "Free Trial" button. If you don't already have an account with FMeX, you can click that button, at which point you'll see the below: 


Just enter your Redtail Username and Password (your Promo Code will be prepopulated here) and you can start your free trial. Note that should you later choose to activate your trial, the Promo Code will save you 10% off of the $395 retail price.

If you already have an FMeX account, you can click the "Sign In to FMeX" option instead: 


You will be automatically signed into FMeX.

If for any reason you do not have an account, you will be prompted to sign up for a trial.

If you do have an FMeX account and your Redtail account email does not match the FMeX account email, you can login with your existing FMeX account; This will automatically link your Redtail account to your Redtail account.

This will be a one time process. When you sign in to FMeX from Redtail going forward, you will automatically connect after clicking on the Sign in to FMeX button.

Integration functionality:

  • Once you have connected your Redtail CRM to your FMeX account, all of your Tag Groups from Redtail will sync over to FMeX. Two things to note in regard to this:
    1) Only clients who have an email address will be synced to FMeX. If the client has multiple email addresses, it will sync the email marked as Primary. If no email is marked as Primary, the first email listed will be taken and
    2) If a client is not defined in a tag group, they still will be synced and available under the all tag, or individually selected when sending a communication.
  • Your Calendar items will sync from Redtail to FMeX as well.
  • Once your contacts have synced over to FMeX, you can then easily begin marketing to your clients and prospects via custom branded emails, e-newsletters and social posts using FMeX's extensive, licensed library of articles from established financial publishers.
  • Any content you share with a contact from the FMeX platform is automatically logged as a Note within their contact record in Redtail CRM, providing you with a readily accessible archive of content delivered from within both platforms.

Below are some screenshots as well from the FMeX intro modal that cover the above functionalities just a bit more:




FMeX resources:

FMeX Website

FMeX Online Help and Tutorials - Note: this requires login so you would need at least a trial account with FMeX in order to be able to access

FMeX Knowledge Base

Request a Demo with FMeX

Resources and Downloads

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