Can I add accounts to the CRM through an import from Excel?

Our Welcome Team can assist with importing accounts! We just need the following information for each account to import them:

Tax ID or Client ID

If you do not want to use the tax ID, you would use the Client ID.

Basically, what you'll need to do is to perform an export from Redtail that contains the 'Client ID' field. You can create a custom export that includes this field (it is included by default in all custom exports) plus any other fields you need to include - instructions for custom exporting are here

All you'll need is the Client ID (or account ID) and the name (for reference) to the attached document in addition to the account information.

The import spreadsheet format is attached to this help article. Remember not to change any of the column names so that it works smoothly! Then simply attach your finished spreadsheet in an email to 

Also, please include your user name for Redtail and the first two contacts listed on the spreadsheet.


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