Can I Import Accounts from an Excel Spreadsheet into the CRM?

Our Welcome Team can assist with importing Accounts/Policies from an Excel Spreadsheet to your Contact Records in Redtail! You will find our formatted spreadsheet as well as the database import key available for download below.

The following information outlines a few different fields for Accounts in Redtail, those marked with an "*" are required fields:

OwnerTaxID /Redtail Client ID* -This information will be listed in Column A of the spreadsheet and is used to link your Accounts back to the correct Contact Record in Redtail - we are not able to import Accounts that do not have a corresponding Contact Record; unlinked accounts will not be imported. If you are using the Redtail Client ID, you can run a Custom Export from Redtail to obtain this information; instructions for this can be found HERE.  We will not be able to complete your import if this information is missing.

Account Number* - This is for each separate Account/Policy you need to import, and can be either text or numerical data.

Account Status - Status of the Account/Policy. This is a static list in Redtail, data listed here must be selected from the following:  Open, Closed, Pending, or Under Review. If this column is left blank, we will import your Accounts as "Open"

Account Type - Type of Account/Policy. This is a customizable field in Redtail. For examples, please see the tab on the Formatted Spreadsheet titled “Account Codes”

Account Company & Account Product:  These columns are open text fields, to be used as needed to enter Company and Product information for your Accounts. 

Tax Qualified Type - This is a customizable field in Redtail. For examples, please see the tab on the Formatted Spreadsheet titled “Account Codes”

Ownership - This is also a static list in Redtail – please see tab titled “Account Codes” for available choices.

Asset Name/Symbol/# of Shares/Share Price/Asset Type -These columns will create and add an asset balance to your Account, # of Shares and Share Price will be calculated to give you a Balance; this Balance will be added to your overall AUM.  Asset Type is a customizable field in Redtail. 

*For a complete database key of all the fields on the spreadsheet template, please download the Account Import Spreadsheet Key.


>>> Please do not to change any of the pre-titled column headers, to ensure that the import process will run smoothly. If you have information to import that does not fit into one of the columns provided, please add those to the end using the exact field titles from the Redtail Accounts section


Once your spreadsheet is ready you can simply attach your finished copy in an email to along with verification of your Redtail Username, and we will take care of the rest.



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