How To Setup Journaling within Office 365 to your email Archive account with Redtail

1. Go to your Exchange Admin Center in 365.

2. Select Compliance Management.

3. Select Journal Rules.

4. From the Journal Rules section, click Select address.

5. Add a recipient for undeliverable reports

  • Please know that any internal mailbox you choose will not journal incoming mail.
  • Do not choose any user whose mailbox you need archived.

6. Select the "+" icon to add a journaling rule.

7. Enter the following in the popup window fields:

  • Send journal reports to: (enter journaling address)
  • Name: Enter a name for the journaling rule

8. Select Apply to all messages.

9. Click Save.

Note: Do not add your archive domain to the domain section of your Exchange Admin Center. This will cause Office 365 to attempt to deliver journaled messages internally and not be able to deliver externally to our servers for archiving.

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