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Financial Planning tools

Setting up the integration:

  1. Make sure Panoramix is enabled on your Manage Integrations page.
  2. Select Panoramix from your Integrations menu and click Single Sign-On:

  3. You'll then see the below:

  4. Enter your Panoramix User name and Password and click Log On.
  5. This establishes the integration between your Redtail CRM and your Panoramix account.

Integration functionality:

Link Redtail contacts to existing contacts within Panoramix to quickly access a large number of available Panoramix reports. To do so:

  1. While within a contact record in Redtail, select Panoramix from your Integrations menu.
  2. On the resulting modal, select "View Client Reports":

  3. If Panoramix finds a client with a matching name in their database, you'll see something similar to the below:

  4. Click the client's name (where the arrow points in the image above).
  5. You'll then see available reports within Panoramix:

  6. Click the report you'd like to view/download.

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Panoramix resources:


Click here to return to the list of Financial Planning tools.


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