Portfolio Analysis

Data feeds push accounts into Redtail CRM. You can then push the accounts from the CRM to analyze the portfolio and, from there, store the analysis in the CRM. Things all advisors do made simple! All data in one place! 

Portfolio Analysis tools cover a range of analytics, projections, and reports. Their focus will often change based on the developer so knowing your key demographic(s) is only going to help make your decision on the tool(s) you decide on. 

What many people do not realize is that quick and efficient information is one of the most important pieces of any business relationship. Utilizing analysis tools of this nature help strengthen your relationships. 

The feedback that we have received in regard to portfolio analysis is that it’s a great tool to “Seal the Deal,” seeing as many of these tools offer risk analysis. Giving a client a solid number with facts around it can mean the difference in attaining them as a client. 

Below are links to some of our Portfolio Analysis partners: 


Pocket Risk 

Morningstar Advisor Workstation

Morningstar Office

Morningstar Office Cloud




PrairieSmarts (SmartRisk Pro)




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