Voice Dictation Tools

The days of every client meeting taking place in the office are done. People are busy and have limited time, which requires advisors to schedule some meetings outside the office. Voice dictation will help you stay on top of those notes from the client meeting at the local coffee shop. 

Having access to the internet everywhere has changed the world in many awe-inspiring ways. What we tend to overlook are the subtle opportunities that have arisen from it. 

Today you are able to meet with a client at a specific venue, establish a social media connection, review account data, and even access your CRM, all from your mobile device. 

Voice Dictation is a service that takes efficiency to the next level. Gone are the days of having to type an entire note - you now have voice options that relay your messages through transcription services that then send these over to your Redtail CRM, should you connect them! 

From there you will have the option to go ahead and create a note or activity based off of each message. 

Check out the services we work with below: 


Mobile Assistant 


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