Investment Research

The keyword here is simplicity. Data in, data out, research your clients' portfolios from the data feed, store the docs, and have everything available to make life easier. 

If Redtail CRM is your central hub, then it’s a perfect place for the integration of tools that will do research for you, saving you a considerable amount of time. 

These tools are connected with the Accounts section within your contacts' records. From there you have the ability to run specific reports, or quickly get over to one of the services that help you generate fact sheets or other helpful reports. 

Because technology is so diverse in this industry, each application tends to boost the other because there are so many specifications and uses. Research tools like these are going to be a great addition to your technology arsenal. 

Advisory World 

Logicly (from ETFLogic)

Morningstar Advisor Workstation

Morningstar Office

Morningstar Office Cloud


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