Document Storage

Scanning your documents in the effort to go paperless can be a long and tedious task and, if you're not using a service designed for compliant electronic document storage, the time and effort required to get up and running with this is significantly more challenging. Attaining the needed security of keeping everything on a managed drive not only requires a “Tech Person” but requires you to remote in or take it further and build your own secure server. 

Today, services exist that eliminate these pitfalls. Not only is the security covered but the organizational tools for labeling and indexing your documents are built-in. 

The most important aspect of document storage as a service is that you can access your documents as long as you can log in to the service, making all of that time scanning completely worth it. 

Redtail Technology has it’s own imaging service that integrates very cleanly with the CRM, but we also work with other tools. More info on these is below: 

Cities Digital (Laserfiche)

Citrix ShareFile  



PSIGEN PSIsafe (Cabinet SAFE)



Redtail Imaging 

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