Zapier connects the web apps you use to easily move your data and automate tasks. Once you have signed up with Zapier, you can then enable the integration within Redtail and begin setting up Zaps to automate certain tasks between Redtail and other applications that integrate with Zapier.

To enable Zapier within Redtail CRM, head over to Manage Your Integrations to your Enabled tab, scroll down to the Zapier widget and click the cog to access Settings:

After clicking Settings, you'll see a Zapier Token modal:

You'll want to copy this Token, as you'll need it to connect Redtail to Zapier on their side a little later in this process.

Then, you can head over to your Zapier account and begin setting up Zaps that include Redtail CRM. 

In Zapier, click the "Create Zap" button:


Then, type "Redtail" in the "Search apps" box:


You can then click "Redtail CRM" beneath that box.

Next, you'll see your Trigger Event box:


Click inside the "Choose an event" area to choose available triggering events from Redtail:


In this case I'm selecting "Contact Created" as a trigger event:


Next, click the "Continue" button. You'll then see the below:


Click the "Sign in to Redtail CRM" button. This is where that Zapier token you copied earlier from Redtail comes into play: you'll see the below modal pop up in Zapier with a box for you to paste that token:


After pasting your token, click "Yes, Continue." Then, select Redtail CRM and click Continue:


You'll then see the below:


Click "Test trigger" to make sure you've connected Zapier and Redtail CRM successfully. After that has completed, you can click "Save + Continue" and follow on-screen instructions to continue setting up your Zap between Redtail and the other application(s) with which you are working in that particular Zap.

Currently, the available Trigger and Action events within Redtail are:



Opportunity Created Update Opportunity

Opportunity Updated

Create Opportunity
Opportunity Deleted Update Activity
Activity Created Create Activity
Activity Updated Update Contact
Activity Deleted Create Contact
Contact Created  
Contact Updated  
Contact Deleted  
Workflow Step Completed  
Workflow Step Task Completed  


If you ever want to disable any Zaps involving Redtail without going into Zapier to do so, you can accomplish this within Redtail. Go back to Manage Your Integrations, scroll to Zapier, click the cog to access Settings and then click Regenerate Token:

You would then need to connect Redtail CRM to Zapier again before setting up/enabling any Zaps that involve Redtail CRM.

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