How to Create Sets in Tamarac PortfolioCenter®

Attached you will find Schwab Advisor Center instructions for 1) building Smart sets and 2) viewing and sorting sets in Tamarac PortfolioCenter®. If you are using the Schwab Advisor Center® integration and the PortfolioCenter exports integration simultaneously, the use of sets will help you prevent duplicate accounts from feeding over into Redtail CRM. Note: access to this pilot integration program for Schwab Advisor Center® is invite-only at this point and not yet available to all Schwab Advisor Center® users.

If you have both integrations enabled, your Schwab accounts will be feeding into Redtail from both Schwab Advisor Center® and PortfolioCenter, in turn creating duplicates of those accounts. The Schwab Advisor Center® integration only sends over Schwab accounts, while advisors may have accounts from another custodian within Portfolio Center. So, to avoid this possible duplication of Schwab accounts within Redtail, you would want to create a set of those non-Schwab accounts in Portfolio Center and use that set only to export from Schwab and then import into Redtail. All Schwab accounts in PortfolioCenter would be excluded from the set (but would feed into Redtail via the Schwab Advisor Center® integration).

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