Broadcast Email [14:39]


Broadcast Emails provide you with a method of sending out an email to any number of your contacts, personalized to each recipient through the use of acceptable Email Merge Fields. This tutorial goes over some of the important points of setting up and utilizing Broadcast Emails. 

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Click the link below for more information on each of the features covered in the video: 

00:30 - Setting Email Preferences 

02:40 - Adding a Signature for Broadcast Emails

07:10 - Creating Email Templates

10:28 - Where and How to Send Broadcast Emails

12:28 - Managing Sent Broadcast Emails

13:33 - The Importance of "Primary" Email Fields

Does something in the video look different than your screen? Redtail's Development team is continually releasing updates to the Tailwag CRM. See this post for the most up to date descriptions of new features and recent issue fixes. For recorded videos that overview CRM system updates, click here

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