RTU Basics 101 - Resources [12:21]


Coming to a Redtail University soon? Makes sure that you watch the Basics 101 series to refresh yourself on some of the basic functions and beginning steps that will be used and referenced during your time at RTU!

Not familiar with Redtail University? Learn more here!

As a Redtail user, not only will RTU be a MAJOR resource to you, but you also have a wealth of resources available to you at your fingertips! Learn all about them in this video.

Click the link below for more information on each of the features covered in the video: 

01:12 - Top Right Menu Bar

01:37 - Contact Us

02:04 - Google Forums

03:58 - Submitting a Help Ticket

04:55 - Suggestions for Our Development Team

06:30 - Release Notes

07:08 - Retriever for Tailwag

07:45 - Redtail Helpdesk: You are already here!

08:36 - Training Sessions and Live Webinar Schedule

10:11 - CRM Help Articles

Does something in the video look different than your screen? Redtail's Development team is continually releasing updates to the Tailwag CRM. See this post for the most up to date descriptions of new features and recent issue fixes. For recorded videos that overview CRM system updates, click here


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