Schwab OpenView Gateway® Enrollment and Opt-in for Daily Persisted Data Feed

This documentation is designed to walk the user through all Enrollment options for both Initial Enrollment and Opt-in to the Persisted Data feed by a Schwab Advisor Center user. Note: ONLY an FSA (Firm Security Administrator) or user who has been granted access to Custody Data Persistence in Schwab Advsior Center can opt-in for the data delivery.

*If you enroll with a user in Schwab Advisor Center® which requires a token appended to their password and is delivered to you from a key fob authentication device, you will need to re-enter that password every day before 9am PT in order to pull in the day's latest feed data. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND OPT-IN WITH A ONE-TIME-PASSWORD USER. Alternatively, you can configure a new Schwab Advisor Center user who has access to Custody Data Persistence and use that user to enroll so that you don't have to enter a new password in Redtail CRM Integrations Settings daily.


Initial Enrollment into Schwab OpenView Gateway® Services:

This initial enrollment can be completed by any kind of Schwab Advisor Center user, but only users with the appropriate permissions in Schwab Advisor Center will be able to opt-in to the data feed after the initial enrollment is complete.

Schwab Advisor Center Users who enroll, but do not have permission to opt-in to the data feed, will be able to refresh holdings on fed-in accounts that are linked to contacts after they have been fed into the CRM by a user who is able to opt-in to the data feed. 

From within Redtail CRM, select "Manage Your Integrations" from the dropdown menu underneath your name in the top-right header:


You'll then be directed to a page where the integrations available for your database are displayed. Scroll through the alphabetical list until you see Schwab OpenView Gateway:

If Schwab OpenView Gateway's toggle switch is set to off (as in the example above), click that switch to turn it on. Most likely, however, it will already be on, as that is the default. It will then look like the below:

Then, you can click the dropdown menu (cog) that allows you to initialize the enrollment process for the Schwab OpenView Gateway integration by selecting "Settings":

After clicking Settings, you will see the below modal:

These terms and conditions replace the paper 3rd Party Agreement usually required by Schwab when a partner requests to access Schwab Advisor Center data for download.

After you check off "Agree to Terms and Conditons," you'll then see an "Enroll" option:

Click "Enroll" to finish agreeing to the Terms of Use in the Schwab interface that pops up:

Enter your Schwab Advisor Center User ID and Password, check off your acceptance of the User Agreement and then click "Subscribe." If successful, you'll then see the below:

Close this modal. If your Schwab Advisor Center user has the appropriate permissions to opt-in to the Persisted Data feed, they will see the next set of screens in order to be able to opt-in to the data feed, which will bring accounts into the CRM database.  If your Schwab Advisor Center user does not have permissions to opt-in to the account feed, you should then see a screen letting you know that initial enrollment has been successfully completed and no further action is needed. 


Opt-in to Schwab OpenView Gateway® Persisted Data Delivery:

If your Schwab Advisor Center user has the correct permissions, they should be able to complete the following steps to opt-in to the account feed. In this modal, click Next to see the option to opt-in for the account feed:

Checking this box should activate the 'Next' button:

After checking off the "Opt-in for Gateway Data Delivery (account feed)" and then clicking "Next," you'll see the following options:


If you have completed the initial enrollment and have agreed to the terms of use with a user who does NOT require a password from a token device, check off the box next to "My account does not require a one-time password," and then click "Setup My Account Feed." (Note: the blue button changes to read 'My' instead of 'New.') This will use the same user that you've enrolled with in the first set of steps to opt-in to the data feed.


If your Schwab Advisor Center® user DOES require a password from a token device (which we DO NOT recommend you use to opt-in to the account feed) and/or you would like to set up the feed with a different SAC user than the one you used to complete initial enrollment with, then you can simply click "Setup New Account Feed," which will present you with the same Terms of Use popup so that you can enter the credentials of the Schwab Advisor Center user you'd like to opt-in to the account feed with.

If you didn't check off the "My account does not require a one time password" and clicked "Setup New Account Feed" above, you'll see the following:

If you click the "Back" button, you'll follow the same instructions as above. If, however, the user does require an OTP or you'd like to enroll with a different user than the one you used to complete initial enrollment, you can turn to the other modal that opened at the same time as the above:

Here, you can enter another Schwab Advisor Center user than the one you used to complete initial enrollment. We will use this user to request the daily data - this will allow them access to Gateway Data Delivery. This user must have the appropriate permissions in Schwab Advisor Center to be able to access the data, and we DO NOT recommend opt-in to the Persisted Data Feed with a one-time-password user because that user will have to re-enter their Schwab credentials in Redtail CRM daily before 9am PT.
Enter their User ID and Password for Schwab Advisor Center, check off your agreement to the Use Agreement and then click "Subscribe." If your subscription is successful, you should then see a message in the Enrollment modal indicating "You have successfully subscribed to view Schwab Advisor Center® data in Schwab OpenView Gateway™ for Redtail Technology." Then, click Next in the previous modal and follow any further onscreen instructions.

Note: You shouldn't setup another feed for Schwab if one is already present in your database and you only have one firm with Schwab using your Redtail CRM. If, however, you have several Schwab firms using your database, multiple FSAs can go through this opt-in process to establish those feeds.

After successfully opting-in to the account feed, you should see accounts populate your Unlinked Accounts Report within 2-3 business days.

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