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Financial Planning Tool

Setting up the integration:

From your Today page in Redtail, you'll see an Everplans widget toward the bottom of the page with a "get everplans" option:


If you click "get everplans," you'll see the below page on Everplans' website, from where you can sign up:


After signing up, you can go to Manage Your Integrations within Redtail and enable the Everplans integration:


Then, click the gear icon and select "Settings":


You'll then see the below:


After clicking "Authorize Access to Everplans", you'll see the below on the Everplans website:


Enter your Everplans credentials and click "Log In." On the resulting page, click "Allow":


Integration functionality:

After setting up the integration as described above, your Today page Everplans widget will then begin displaying your recent Everplans activity within Redtail:


If you select Everplans from your Integrations menu in Redtail (when not within a contact record), you'll see the below:


Note you have the option for Single Sign-On into Everplans here. It also displays the same data you see on your Today page in Redtail (recent Everplans activity).

If you accessed this widget from your Integrations menu while within a Contact Record, it would look a little different:


Note that you now also have a Send To option, allowing you to send Households to Everplans. Households, in this case, include the Head of Household and their Spouse, or the Head of Household only, if single.

Also, Everplans requires that every contact in their system has an advisor associated to that contact. So, if you have multiple Firm Users associated with your Everplans account, you'll also see an option to choose which advisor to use for a contact you're sending to Everplans:


Everplans Pro users have the ability to securely import their entire client list from Redtail into their Everplans account with a few simple clicks.

APP resources:

Everplans Website

Everplans Support Center

Everplans walkthrough on contact import from Redtail

You can learn more about the integration from Everplans here or give them a call at (844) 362-7526 for more information or a demo. You can also watch the joint webinar about the integration below:

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