Precise FP & Redtail: Using Digital Forms and Vaults to Reduce Data Entry & Improve Data Quality (November 2015 Series)


Looking for ways to increase efficiency by cutting down on the amount of typing and writing you do in the office?

Needing a better way to sync up and maintain quality data?

Precise FP is committed to making financial advisors better at what they do. They specialize in-

• Providing a more enjoyable data-gathering experience for advisors, their clients, and their potential clients.

• Delivering tools that allow advisors to work more efficiently, thereby improving their firms’ profitability.

• Empowering advisors with proven processes and workflows that save time, reduce errors, and allow advisors to fulfill the otherwise burdensome “Know Your Customer” rule.

Watch the following replays from our webinar to learn more about Precise FP and how it integrates with Redtail.


Main Session:




Does something in the video look different than your screen? Redtail's Development team is continually releasing updates to the Tailwag CRM. See this post for the most up to date descriptions of new features and recent issue fixes. For recorded videos that overview CRM system updates, click here


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