Can I Import Contacts from Outlook into the CRM?

Our Welcome Team is happy to assist you with importing your Contact/Client Information from Outlook into Redtail! 


Depending on what version of Outlook you are using, there are different instructions to help you with creating your export at the bottom of this article. (Or, if you would like to import contacts using our Formatted Import Spreadsheet, please click here.)


>>> When your spreadsheet is ready, please email us at for a secure link to upload your file to, and be sure to include your Redtail username as verification.  Please DO NOT email documents that contain PII to the above email address - for security reasons they will not be forwarded.


>>> If you are using Office365, and would prefer to set up a sync to push over Calendar items and Contact Records, please click here for more information:  Retriever Cloud For Office 365


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