Can I Import Contacts from an Excel Spreadsheet into the CRM?


Our Welcome Team is happy to assist you with importing your Contact/Client Information from an Excel Spreadsheet! You will find our Formatted Spreadsheet available for download at the bottom of this page.


The following information outlines some of the frequently used fields for this type of import. >> For additional information, please see the Import Spreadsheet Guide at the bottom of this article or CLICK HERE for FAQ's <<

  • When filling out the spreadsheet, please be sure that you do not change any of the pre-titled column headers as this will cause issues/delays in the import process. 

A1: Type - Redtail defines contact records as either Individuals, Businesses, Associations, Trusts or Unions. If this column is left blank, but a name is listed in Columns C1- F1, then this will default to Individual.  If this column is left blank and a name is listed in Column J1 (Companyname), then this will default to a Business Record.


C1: First Name, E1: Middle Name, F1: Last Name – If you are importing a married couple, domestic partnership, life partner, etc. then this is where you enter the information for the Head of Household. If your contact/client is a single person, their name will be listed here as well.  (Please see the columns labeled with “Spouse” to enter spouse/partner information.)


I1: Family Name - Family name is an open text field and should reflect what you would like to appear in a mail merge document or letter sent to a family. For Example: Mr. and Mrs. Jim Smith, Jim and Mary Smith, The Smith Family, etc. If the Client is single, he or she can still have a family name, if needed. Ex, Jim Smith.  This field does not link Family Members back to the listed Head of Household.


J1: Companyname - For Employers, Business Contact/Clients, Associations, Trusts & Unions. A separate record is created for this field.  If listed as an employer, it will be linked back to the person listed in Columns C1-F1 as the contact’s employer


M1:  Spouse First Name, O1: Spouse Middle Name, P1: Spouse Last Name - These columns will create a separate contact record, which will be linked back to the Head of Household (Listed in Columns C1-F1) under the Family Name section. If the spouse is also on this spreadsheet on a separate line, completing this field will create a duplicate record for this name.


AB1:  Client Status & AC1: Spouse Status - Open Text field, examples include Client, Inactive, Prospect, Lead, Vendor, Professional Contact, etc.


AD1: Client Category & AE1: Spouse Category - Open Text field, examples include A, B, C - OR - Gold, Platinum, Silver, Etc.


AF1:  Client Source & AG1: Spouse Source - Open Text field to indicate where the client/spouse came from, ex, Yellow Pages, Seminar, Referral, etc.


AJ1 - BM1: Client and Spouse Addresses - These columns are used to add address information to the Head of Household and Spouse Records.  You will need to enter a full address, starting with "Line1", for this data to import correctly.


CP1- CR1: Point_of_Contact_NameCQ1: Point_of_Contact_PhoneCR1: Point_of_Contact_Email - Used for Business Records ONLY – this can be the name of an Assistant or other Primary Point of Contact for a Business, Trust or Association. Information listed in these fields will not create contact records, but the names will still be searchable in your CRM.


CS1: Keywords - Keywords are used to group various Contacts together, and can be used in an Advanced Search and to create Quick Lists. To add more than one Keyword to a Contact Record, please use Semicolons. Example: Keyword1; Keyword2; Keyword2


CT1: Tag Group Name - Tag Groups offer an alternative method of putting your contacts into easily accessible groupings that you can return to as needed. To add more than one Tag Group to a Contact Record, please use Semicolons. Example: TagGroup1; TagGroup2; TagGroup2


CU1 – DN1: UD Fields - User Defined Fields, to be used to keep track of additional fields not already listed. The UDF Title should be listed at the top of the column, replacing the generic “UD#” already listed, with a maximum limit of 50 characters. Please let us know if you would like your UDF Field Type to be changed from the default “Any Text” to one of the following: Date, List of Values, Number, True/False, or Yes/No.


DO1: Important Information - These notes will be imported to the Important Information section on each contact's Overview page. The type of information you track here is up to you, as it is a freeform field, and is completely editable. Notes entered here will not have a date/time stamp, and do not meet compliance standards for Client Notes that require that information.


>>> When your spreadsheet is ready, please attach it in an email to In the body of the email, please be sure to include your Redtail Username and the first two Contact Names listed on the spreadsheet - we need this information for verification purposes, and will not be able to start your import without it.


Please keep in mind - all import requests are processed in the order they are received, and can take up to one full Business Day to complete.


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