Can I Import Contacts from an Excel Spreadsheet into the CRM?

We can easily import your contacts' information into Redtail via an Excel spreadsheet you have populated with the data to be imported! 

The spreadsheet template is attached below if you are on the Tailwag version of our CRM. (If you are on Leapfrog then here is more information on importing contacts into your database from Excel. Or, if you would like to import contacts from Outlook then see this post.) 

When filling out the spreadsheet, please do not change any of the column names as this could cause problems during the import process. 

After completion, attach your spreadsheet to an email to In the message include your username for Redtail and the first two contacts listed on the spreadsheet. We will email you a confirmation that we have received it.

A database import key is also available here to help you identify to which fields in Redtail the different columns in the spreadsheet will import your data.

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