Is My Scanner TWAIN Compatible?

If you are not sure whether your scanner is TWAIN compliant, you can use TWACKER, a tool developed by the TWAIN Working Group, to verify it.

TWACKER can be downloaded here: TWACKER 32 bit TWACKER 64 bit

After installation:

  • Launch the program. 

  • Click menu File->Select Source and select your device in the ‘Select Source’ list.
    • If your device is not listed, please check if the driver is installed. Or, you can try running TWACKER as "Admin" since you may not have permission to access the data source.
  • Click menu File->Acquire to do scanning.

If the scanning is successful without any errors, then your device should be TWAIN compliant.

If it fails, you may have to search online or contact the device vendor for a TWAIN driver.

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