How do I change a contact's Type?

Contacts within Redtail can be set up as one of five different Types: 

  • Individual
  • Business
  • Association
  • Trust
  • Union

If at some point you need to change a contact's Type, you can do that as well. To do so, click the Update icon on the right side of the contact's Basic Information section:

You'll then see the Update modal:

In this example, the contact currently has the Type "Association." If you click inside the "Type" box, you'll see the other options for Type that you can select from:


Just choose your new Type and then click the Update button. Note: when changing your contact Type from Individual to any of the other types, you'll see a note in red arise beneath the "Change Contact Type" box alerting you that some information may be lost when making that specific Type change.

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