Integration Name:

Right Capital

Integration Type:

Financial Planning Tool

Setting up the integration:

To accomplish this within RightCapital, navigate to Advisor Portal > Integrations > Redtail, enter your Redtail login credentials, and click "Connect":




Integration functionality:

Single Sign-On (SSO) is available from RightCapital into Redtail from the Single Sign-On icon at the top of your RightCapital account:



Additionally, once the integration is enabled, you can import individual contacts from Redtail with the following process:

1. To add a contact from Redtail, click Import:


This will bring up a search box.

2. Click inside the search box and type in a portion of the name of the client you want to import and then click Search.

A list of matching names will appear with an Import option on the right side under the “Status” column:


3. Click Import to add the client to RightCapital.  Once imported, the client information as well as that of their family will populate in the client list in the Advisor Portal in RightCapital.


Updating Client Information from Redtail

To update client information, enter the information in Redtail. To populate updated information in RightCapital:

1. Navigate to Advisor Portal > Integrations > Redtail.

2. Click the Sync button to update all clients or click the Import button to access all of the clients that have been imported from Redtail, where you can then choose to sync individual clients:


Note: If you wish to remove the connection to Redtail you can click Disconnect.  The client's information will remain in RightCapital.

To completely delete information from RightCapital, delete the entire client by selecting the client's name in the client list and clicking on the 'X' that shows next to their name.


RightCapital resources:


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