How do I clone a Quicklist?

Quicklists are a great timesaving tool, in that, once set up and saved, you never have to run the searches they are based upon again. You can save even more time when creating Quicklists that share some of the same parameters as other Quicklists in your database by cloning and then editing an existing Quicklist.

As an example, let's say you've set up a Quicklist in your database that will pull all Clients and Prospects serviced by Denis Johnson that have opted in for his newsletter. The search you used to set up that Quicklist might look similar to the below (based upon how you track all this data in your CRM):searchpam.png

So, to get this data saved in a Quicklist, you needed to run a search that included six queries. Now, let's say you wanted to establish an identical Quicklist for all of the Servicing Advisors in your database. You could, of course, create each of those from scratch. Or, you could save yourself some time by cloning the above Quicklist and making a few adjustments. Let's walk through that process.

First, you'll need to go to your main Quicklists page (Contacts —> Lists —> QuickLists). Then, scroll (or use the page scroller at the bottom of your Quicklists) until you see the Quicklist you'd like to clone. Then, click its Actions button and select Clone:


Your QuickLists page will then refresh. If you go back to your original Quicklist, you'll see a clone of it is now directly beneath the orginal copy:


Now, you can edit its name and search criteria to reflect the function of the cloned version. If you click the cloned QuickList Name, you'll see the criteria:


I've highlighted above the only fields you'll need to change to edit this QuickList for different Servicing Advisors. After making those changes to set this up for Joseph Heller as Servicing Advisor, the criteria might look like the below:


Now, all that's left to do before saving is to change the cloned QuickList's name, so that it will be clear what it's for. To do so, click the Details tab at the top (pointed out in the screenshot above). You'll then see the below:


You could then just change the references from Denis Johnson to Joseph Heller:


Then, click Save and you have a new Quicklist that you've very quickly created by cloning and making small modifications to an existing one. If you had five more Servicing Advisors in your database, you could then run through setting up this Quicklist for all of them very quickly.

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