Outlook 2013: How to Open a .PST file

Within Outlook, you can open a .PST (data) file from within a profile to view the contents without actually importing the file.

Below are the steps one would take to open a .PST file: 

Within Outlook, click on  then select the Open & Export option. To the right, the Open & Export options will appear. You will want to select Open Outlook Data file from the list of options. 


Next you will be prompted to browse and select the .PST file you wish to import. After locating the file, click on the file to select it then click OK 


The .PST file is now open within the profile and ready for viewing. The file will be located under the accounts in the navigation pane on the left. It will be called Outlook Data File. You may need to expand the carat by clicking the  to view the folder structure. 

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