Outlook 2013: Adding Redtail-hosted Email Account as an ActiveSync Account

In Outlook 2013, users have the ability to add an account as an ActiveSync account utilizing the Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) Protocol. Please note that this feature is not available in older versions of Outlook. 

To setup the email account as an ActiveSync account, we suggest creating a new profile. Below we will walk you through this process:

Open Start menu and select Control Panel


Search for the Feature called Mail then click the Mail icon.


Select Show Profiles from Mail Setup dialog. 


Click Add and enter the name of your new profile in the Profile Name: field within the New Profile dialog that appears then select OK


After the profile has been named, you will be prompted to add an account. Within the Add Account dialog, select Manual setup or additional server types then select Next to continue the process.


In the next window, select the second option or Exchange ActiveSync compatible service then select Next


After selecting the account type, you will be prompted to enter the server settings for the account. You will enter the following information in the respective fields:

User Information 

Your Name: Enter your name how you would like it to appear when an email is received by the recipient. 

E-mail Address: Enter your full email address

Server Information

Mail server:

Logon Information

Username: Enter your full email address

Password: Enter your email password (note that this could be different than your Redtail CRM password)


Ensure that Remember Password is selected. If this option is not selected, you will be prompted to enter your password when opening Outlook and when attempting to retrieve mail. 

Offline Settings: You can select to cache 1 month of or All emails locally on your computer which allows them to be accessed offline. 

After entering your settings, select Next to proceed.


The Test Account Settings dialog will appear and it will test the settings you have entered. If the information you have entered is correct, the status will show Completed. If the status fails, you will want to check your Server name, Username, and Password for typos. Once the status shows complete, select Close


You will be notified that you are all set and can then simply select Finish to complete the process.


Now that the profile has been created and the account has been added, you will see it listed in the profiles list. Here you will decide if you want to be prompted to select which profile you wish Outlook to use when opening Outlook or you can select the newly created profile to be the default for Outlook to always use. 

To be prompted to select a profile, select Prompt for a profile to be used under When starting Microsoft Outlook, use this profile:

To set a default profile, select Always use this profile and choose the profile from the drop-down menu under When starting Microsoft Outlook, use this profile:

After making your selection click Apply if available then select OK


Now you are ready to open Outlook. Please note that it may take a few minutes for all data to synchronize with the server. 


Additional information: 

The ActiveSync account is a great option that outperforms POP and IMAP accounts for basic email access. It also synchronizes your calendar and contacts when using an ActiveSync account on your mobile devices. 

If you wish to utilize shared folders, calendars, and address books, the Zimbra Connector for Outlook (ZCO) may be a better option for you. For more information on the Zimbra Connector for Outlook, click here

The ActiveSync account does not allow for the import of PST files. If you wish to access a .PST (data) file from within the profile, you will want to open the file within the profile rather than importing. For steps on how to do this, click here

If you wish to have the .PST (data) file imported at the server level, contact Redtail Support at 800-206-5030. 

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