Setting up an Email Account as a MAPI (Exchange) account on Android devices

Go to the Email app on your phone, go to its settings, and then to the Accounts area within those settings. Then, tap "Add account":

For this setup, we are going to choose "Microsoft Exchange Activesync," but if you wish to set up a POP or IMAP connection, choose "Email" instead:

We'll then see the below:

The setup of a MAPI account is straightforward. Begin by entering your full Redtail-hosted email address and your email password. Then, tap Next, at which point you'll see the below:

Here, you are prompted to enter your full email address again, along with your Domain/username and your email password. Typically, your email address and password will prefill based upon what you entered on the previous screen.

Note: Phones differ with regard to what you'll see in the "Domain\username" area: 

  • If it only says "Domain," leave it blank.
  • If it only says "Username," make sure your full email address is entered there.
  • If it says "Domain\username," make sure your full email address is entered there.

Scrolling down a little on this screen, you'll see an Exchange server field and a checkbox for "Use secure connection (SSL):

The "Exchange server" field should read:

Also, make sure the "Use secure connection (SSL)" option is checked.

If everything is entered correct, the device will prompt you to accept Samsung's privacy policy. The account will not be set up if you don't accept by clicking "OK":

The device will then check your incoming server settings:

After this, you will be prompted to accept the "Remote security administration" message. The account will not be set up unless "OK" is tapped here:

The remaining sync settings are a matter of personal preference, but a page will appear where one can select to sync email for the last day, last three days, last week, last two weeks or last month:

Next, users can indicate Email Retrieval Size. This affects the amount of data you are allowing your phone to use with regard to retrieving new messages. Select "No Limit" if you want to be sure your phone downloads emails of any size, or limit the size of emails your phone will download to prevent the device from using more of your data plan than preferred:

Since the Exchange setup is capable of not only syncing Email, but Calendar and Contact information as well, you will be prompted to choose a sync range for the Calendar as well (2 weeks, 1 Month, 3 Months, 6 Months or All Calendar):

You'll then be given the opportunity to select several check boxes, including selecting notifications for when mail arrives and the ability to turn off syncing for Contacts, Calendar and/or Tasks:

Next, Device administrator must be enabled (click Activate at the bottom of screen):

You'll then be given the opportunity to name your account:

The default Account name is usually "Work Email," but you can change it to whatever you would like. This is for the purpose of visual identification, and appropriately naming the account is recommended if you have multiple email accounts set up on your device. Once you click "Done" here, you'll be returned to your device's home screen and can access your email by clicking the email app:

If you have just set up the account, depending on how much data your device has to download, it can take from a few minutes to hours for the sync to take place. It all depends upon whether or not the account is new where there are a handful of emails to download versus a well established account where much more data must be synced.

Final note: if you have multiple email accounts set up on your device, after clicking the email app you should be able to scroll down and see the account name you gave your Redtail-hosted email account:




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