Contacts by Keyword Report

Redtail CRM offers you a large number of Standard Reports to assist you with quickly accessing information that is relevant to your day-to-day operations.  One such report is the Contacts by Keyword Report.  

To access the Contacts by Keyword Report, click the Reports option from your Left Menu Bar to see all of the available Standard Reports within your database: 


On the resulting page, your Contacts by Keyword Report is accessible within the Contact Reports section: 


After clicking Contacts by Keyword, your report will open up, arranged alphabetically by contact name.  Here's a look at a sample portion of a Contacts by Keyword Report: 


Note that the columns will allow you to sort the report data based upon that column's data by clicking the column name. 

Above your report, you'll see several Options: 

The "filter" button presents you with a modal that will allow you to filter by any combination of a specific Keyword or combination of Keywords as well as the other fields below:


You can leave this at the default of "All keywords selected", in which case all records will be a part of the report, even those without any Keywords assigned. Or, you can click inside that box and choose an individual Keyword or multiple Keywords and apply the filter. At that point, only those records that have that Keyword (or those Keywords) assigned would display within your report.


Note as well the "Saved Filters" tab here. If you find that you consistently apply the same filters to one of Redtail’s Standard Reports to meet the unique needs of your office, you now have the ability to save those filter options for quicker access to the report data you’re looking for! Learn more here.


Clicking export will download the data and allow you to open it up in Microsoft Excel. 
The pdf button downloads a report, suitable for printing.   
Search sends the currently displayed contact names in your report to your Advanced Search page, where you can take further actions with those contacts.  
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