Redtail CRM: New User Checklist

Your whole business is going digital with Redtail. Congratulations!

Now, it's up to you to get the office up and running in this new thing called a CRM. Follow the steps below and be on your way to a great start.

1) Clean Data: What must be done on day 1

a) Primary Contact Card

i) Every contact must have a primary address, email and phone number

ii) Link: Contact Overview / Contact Card

iii) Video: The Contact Record

b) Clean duplicate contact records

i) Contacts should only have one contact record

ii) Link: How Do I Combine Records?

c) Build Relationships

i) Every person has their own contact record, including spouses and dependent children

ii) Family Link: Defining Family Relationships

iii) Membership link: Contact Overview Menu: Memberships

iv) Video: Relationships

2) Customization: What must be done on day 2

a) Add users and teams

i) You’re allowed up to 15 users on Redtail to allow for collaboration

ii) Link: How Can I Add Database Users?

iii) Video: Navigation, Users & Teams

b) Segment clients

i) You only have limited hours in the day and client segmentation allows for prioritization

ii) Link: Recommendations for Segmenting Your Contacts Using Status and Category

iii) Video: Managing Your Database Lists

3) Everyday Habits: What must be done every day

a) Use Notes to track history

i) If it’s not in Redtail, it never happened. Track history with notes.

ii) Link: Working with Notes

iii) Video: Everything About Notes

b) Use Activities to track to-dos

i) Any actionable item is date, time and user stamped

ii) Link: Activity Management

c) Use Workflows for task management

i) Step-by-step, repeatable process

ii) Link: Defining Your Processes

iii) Video: Building and Using Workflows

d) CRM Continuing Education

i) Sign up for continuing education each Thursday at 11am Pacific

ii) Link: Webinar Schedule 

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