Pocket Risk

Integration Name:

Pocket Risk

Integration Type:

Risk Analysis

Setting up the integration:

In order to begin using this integration, you'll first need to sign up for an account with Pocket Risk, which you can do here.

After establishing an account with Pocket Risk, you'll need to enable the Pocket Risk integration within your database. Instructions for enabling integrations can be found here. You'll also need to enter your Redtail credentials on Pocket Risk's authentication page.

Integration functionality:

Pocket Risk offers a risk questionnaire built for advisors that allows you to discover your clients' risk profile and determine an appropriate portfolio. The integration with Redtail allows advisors to launch the Pocket Risk questionnaire from within Redtail and view a client's risk profile score.

Then, to access a questionnaire to share with a prospect or client, simply go to your Integrations Menu while within a contact record in Redtail and click Pocket Risk. You'll then see the below:

You can then click "Complete Client Risk Questionnaire." A new tab will open in your browser and you should see a "Start Questionnaire" dialog with the client's name and email address pulled from Redtail:

You have two options here:

  1. Email the questionnaire to the client. If you want to send a link to the client to complete the questionnaire, leave that option checked and then click the "Edit Email Message" button. You'll then see the below:

    You can edit the message from the default (displayed above) and check Yes or No to indicate whether or not the results of their questionnaire should be displayed to them upon completion. Or, you can click Get Link To Questionnaire and you'll then see a link you can copy and paste into an email you create within your own email program.
  2. The alternative option is "Complete Questionnaire Now." If you select that option, the questionnaire will display on the computer from which you are working. You might use this option if the client is in your office and ready to complete the questionnaire at that time.

Once your client has completed the questionnaire, you can then view the results on your Pocket Risk Dashboard. Or, when you go to the Integrations menu when within that contact's record in Redtail and click Pocket Risk, their Pocket Risk score will be displayed:

Pocket Risk resources:

Pocket Risk Website 

If you are looking for other Risk Analysis options, click here! 

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