Best Method for Submitting a Request to our Support Team

While you can always call our Support Team at 800.206.5030 or email them directly at, we now offer a method from within your CRM that has a couple of advantages in terms of how quickly we can process your request. To access, hover over the question mark icon in the Top Right Menu bar of your CRM:


You'll then see the below options:


Click "Submit a Help Ticket" and you'll see the below form:


Whatever you type in the Subject space will be delivered to Redtail Support as the subject line of your request. You can then provide a Description of your issue or request. Finally, if you click inside the Related To: box, you'll see the below:


This will allow you to choose the product or service that your request relates to, allowing us to route your request more quickly. A sample completed version of the form is below:


Once complete, click Submit Ticket

In addition to helping us to route your ticket to the appropriate team or individual for processing quicker, when you submit a ticket request in this manner, we are automatically provided with some additional information that can assist with a quicker resolution, including your Database ID, your Redtail Username, your Broker Dealer, your email address and the version of Redtail you are using. While we can certainly obtain these pieces of information from you via phone or via a ticket submitted directly to, receiving all this information automatically up front can significantly reduce our discovery time and eliminate the need for much of the back and forth often necessary on the front end of your requests.


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