Integration Name:


Integration Type:

Voice Over IP

Setting up the integration:

GoTo provides setup instructions here. You can contact GoTo should you encounter any issues with setting up the integration. 

Integration functionality:

GoTo provides enterprise-grade Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications to businesses and institutions. Using Redtail's API, GoTo's integration offers:

  • Screen Pop - Customer information and note history automatically Pop Up with incoming and out-going calls.
  • Log Phone Notes And Call Activities - Make notes during your calls that are automatically added to your Redtail client records.  You are able to categorize and set “priority” to call communications.
  • Date - incoming and outgoing calls are automatically logged in your notes section of your clients contact page.
  • Click-To-Dial 
  • Video Conferencing - Make any contact a video meeting. Every GoTo license comes with HD video conferencing for no additional cost. Host virtual meetings and screen-share critical documents to mitigate any misunderstandings and allow the advisor to capture all pertinent communications for historical continuity.

GoTo resources:


If you are looking for more Voice Over IP options, click here! 

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