Select All Contacts (for Bulk Contact Options on Advanced Search page)

For many of your search results, you may need to select all contacts to then perform some of the bulk actions available under Contact Options. But, when you have hundreds or thousands of contacts returned for a specific search, it may not be immediately apparent how you go about selecting them all to then run one of those bulk functions. Note: the functionality described below will be present on all contact search pages, including:

  • Contacts A-Z
  • Advanced Search
  • QuickLists sent to Search
  • Tag Groups sent to Search

When the functionality is not active, you might see the following after running your search:


To select all records at once, you can place a check in the top left checkbox (the one above the row containing your first search result): 


Note that after doing this, you'll see a message above your search results (highlighted in yellow above). As the message indicates, at this time only the 150 contacts that were visible on the screen at the time you checked the box are selected. If you perform your bulk contact operation at this point you would see the following:


Upon selecting an export or report as your Contact Option, you will be presented with the ability to download the generated file. This option is available when there are 200 or less contact records selected in the step above.

Note, however, that you do have the ability to select all of the contacts in your search results prior to running your export or report (or label or bulk action). Let's take a look again at that message that appeared when checking off the Select All box: 


You can see that directly after the indicator of how many contacts are currently selected that you have an option to "Select all 363 contacts . . .". If you click this option, you'll see the below: 


So, now you've selected all 363 contacts that were showing up on your Search page. Then, after selecting your contact option, you'll be presented with a popup alert notifying you that you'll receive an email notification once the action is complete. Note: this alert will always appear if 200 or more contacts are selected. This email notification will be sent to the email address associated with the username with which you are currently logged in. Once you have been notified, the file (if you ran an export, report or labels) will be available to admin users of the database only in the Manage Downloads area of your database.

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