Multi Factor Authentication (MFA)

To set up Multi Factor Authentication:

  1. The database owner must go to Manage Your Subscription:

    They will then be prompted to login again, as an added security measure. After logging in, they will then see the below: 



       2. Click Subscription MFA Settings (already done in the screenshot above).

       3. Click the Enable MFA button. (This turns MFA on for all users). 

       4.  Directly above the box you're working in there, click the arrow next to your name and Log Out of your database:


--------- Each user, including the database owner, will be prompted to go through these next steps upon their next login ----------

       5. The next time you log in to your database you'll see the below prompt:



       6. Choose "Text" or "Voice" from this Verification Method menu and click "Next". 

       7. You'll then see the below:



       8. IF YOU ARE ON A TRUSTED COMPUTER, AND FEEL COMFORTABLE, CHECK THE "Add this computer to list of trusted computers" box.  If you do not check this box you will receive a text or call with a required code every time you log in to Redtail on this computer.


       9. Enter the Code you received via Text or Voice and, if entered correctly, you will be logged into your database.


      10. Going forward, non-database owners will see an additional option available in the menu that appears when they click on their name in the upper right hand corner of their CRM:


Clicking that "Manage Your MFA Settings" option will open a new tab, prompting them to log into Redtail. Once they've logged in, they'll see the below:


This allows those database users to easily edit the phone number (or email address) they use for 2 Step Verification, their Trusted Computers, and their MFA Settings.

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