How do I add new email address?

In order to create the new email address to your Redtail-hosted email services, there are a few steps that need to be taken:

First, Redtail Support will need to do a quick security check with Database Owner (Redtail Account Holder) over the phone by calling 800-206-5030.

To create the new email address, we will need the following information:

Email Address
User''s First Name and Last Name if applicable

Password Requirements:

Must be at least 8 characters and must include 3 out of the 4 following items:
Upper case
Lower case
Special character (!#$&)

The last piece is to determine if the user will have Email Admin Viewing rights. We need the users Redtail CRM username in order to set this up. This will need to be verified with the Database Owner (Redtail Account Holder) as well. Below you will find some additional information explaining these rights:

The database owner is set as an Email Admin by default and all other users of the database do not have admin rights. Email Admin rights refer to the emails that users can view in Email History on a contact record. An Email Admin user can see all emails that are linked to the contact records within the database. As for regular users, they only see the email correspondence that they were included on in the To, From, or CC fields.


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    John Davis

    I have a new office assistant and we are wanting to get her setup to use the Tailwag and Email. Can you call or send instructions. ASAP Phone 660-263-5630 Central Time

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