Verifying your Account Information on Login - FAQ

Hello Redtail User! You may be wondering why you've been prompted to confirm certain account information upon login, such as to verify your Broker-Dealer.


Q: Why am I being prompted to select my Broker-Dealer?

A: We want to make sure that we have the most accurate, up-to-date information about you and your business! We're asking you to confirm that the information that we have on file for you is correct.


Q: What if my Broker-Dealer isn't listed?

A: If you're Broker-Dealer isn't listed, you can simply select the 'None' option and hit continue!


Q: What if I'm not affiliated with a Broker-Dealer?

A: If you're not affiliated with a Broker-Dealer, you can select the 'None' option and hit continue! 


Q: I've changed Broker-Dealers, and have updated my information with Redtail accordingly. Will this affect my billing?

A: Sometimes, changing your Broker-Dealer can mean that your billing for Redtail services will also need to change. If you have any questions about your account, you can contact our Billing team at 800-206-5030, Option 4, to discuss your billing for Redtail services. 

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