JIVE Communications

   Jive Communications provides enterprise-grade Hosted VoIP and Unified Communications to businesses and institutions. Using Redtail's API, Jive now offers an integration with Redtail that will automatically display a notification window for incoming calls, scan your CRM contact records against that incoming call and then allow you to either a) launch a matching contact's record, b) enter a Note on a matching contact's record or c) create a new contact record, based upon data from the incoming call.

Note: to receive the special pricing reserved for Redtail users, you will need to call Jive at 855.849.6903 or use this link to request a demo with one of Jive's product specialists.

At the end of this post you can download two pdfs to learn more. "Jive - Your Phone System in the Cloud" provides you with more details on Jive's integrated Unified Communications features, cost, support and phone compatibility. "Jive Cloud for Redtail" goes into a bit more depth about Jive's VOIP features, call management features, reliability, affordability and hardware.

You can check out Jive's video on setting up and using this integration below: 


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