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Within Redtail Webmail, you have the ability to import contact lists and address books that are saved in a comma-separated (.csv) text file format. For best results, we suggest mapping the contact data contained within your .csv file using our Webmail Contacts Import Template. This allows you to correctly map the data to the proper Webmail Contact fields for a clean import of the data. All you do is cut and paste the data from your .csv  file into the respective columns within the template. Once the data has been mapped within the template, save the file to your computer. The template is attached to this post and can be located at the bottom.

Below, you will find steps that walk you through the Import process:

The import option is available in Webmail under Preferences. Select the Preferences tab then select Import / Export from within the Preferences navigation pane on the left.

After selecting Import / Export, the Import and Export Options will appear to the right of the navigation pane. You will select Browse and locate the .csv file you wish to import

After you locate the file you wish to import, you will be prompted to select the type of contacts and the destination address book you wish to import the data into.

The built-in import utility within Webmail allows you to import the following type of content in .csv format:

  • Windows Live Contacts
  • Outlook Contacts
  • Account Contacts
  • Thunderbird Contacts
  • Outlook 2003 Contacts
  • Yahoo! Contacts

You can also have it Auto-Detect the content type as well.

Note: Contact lists from different accounts may not display contact information in the same order. Picking the correct type of contact file that is being imported identifies the order of the fields so that the information displays correctly in your Address Book.

To import a contact list:

Select the drop-down box for Type: to select the type of contacts or leave the default setting for Auto-Detect

After selecting the Type, you will then select the Address Book you wish to import the contacts into by clicking on the Destination: box. By doing this, the Choose Folder dialog box will appear. Hear you can select the existing address book you wish to have the contacts imported in to or you can opt to create a new one.

To select an existing address book, simply click on the one you have chosen to import to. Once you have selected the proper address book, you will select OK



To add a new address book, select the New button. The Create New Address Book dialog box appears. You will enter the name within the Name: field then you will select OK



After selecting the file, type and destination, you will then select  to import the data.

The system will prompt you once the import is completed. 

Important Information:

You will want to review the contacts within the .csv file to ensure that there are no forward or back slashes (/ or \). These symbols can prevent the webmail client from importing the data, as mail clients use these symbols to identify various paths behind the scenes. 


Webmail Contacts Import Template:

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